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08/27/12 09:20 AM #1    

Rollie Carlson

Welcome to the St Louis Park Sr High School Class Of 1963 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/02/13 04:16 PM #2    


Diane Ward

Any one have a copy of the 20th class reunion DVD?

Let me know!  I loaned my copy to a fellow classmate and it never got back to me...

I know it is one hot memory of the 80's...hope it didn't melt!

Thanks for your help!

Cya for the 50th!


 ~Diane Ward

Cell:  808-386-0810

P.O. Box 241046

Honolulu, Hawaii


06/03/13 08:36 AM #3    

Victor Lewis

Look forward to seeing you at the reunion!

06/04/13 09:15 AM #4    

Eugene (Andy) Davis

Hey Vic - look forward to seeing you too.  Not sure when we will be up to MN, but I will be there.

06/09/13 07:49 PM #5    

Judy Anderson (Hole)

Hi Classmates,

We are working on an elementary school project

and would appreciate your help.

Looking for any class or group pictures from

first through sixth grade.

If you have any that you would like to share,

please send copies to


Judy Anderson Hole

7498 Saratoga Dr.

Chanhassen,MN 55317



Thank you for your help… Judy

06/11/13 07:39 AM #6    


Gregory Amluxen

judy I'll send some to your e-mail address fron MHT  most holly trinty,  in st. louis park.  school is now closed, there are some slp classmates in the photo's, I'll name them for ya.  greg

07/19/13 11:13 AM #7    


David McElyea

Vic  Lewis has offered to lead a tour of Westwood Nature Center. Vic donates his time their when he is not in AZ. See below information

Check out the Westwood Nature Center at located at Texas and Franklin in StLP!


We will meet Thursday, August 22 at the parking lot at 8:45-9:00 am. We’ll begin our tour of the Nature Center Building then walk around the lake and woods searching for birds and wildlife! Deer, turkeys, coyotes, Red Fox, squirrels, mink, otters, and beavers have been seen in the Nature Center over the years. There are many species of birds including hawks, owls, ducks, geese, and flocks of small species.


This is truly one of the best urban nature centers in the state. A naturalist will lead the tour. Binoculars can be borrowed if you don’t have a pair with you. Comfortable walking shows are recommended. Tours take approximately 90 minutes.

07/21/13 11:15 AM #8    


David McElyea

Reminder if you are planning on reserving a Hotel room at our Reunion rate the time to do so is fast coming to an end. The offer expires on August 1, 2013. Use the links under Hotel Reservations to book the room at the Reunion rate.


Dave McElyea

08/16/13 10:54 AM #9    


David McElyea

St Louis park class of 1963 Westwood Nature Center walk Thursday August 22 8:45 to 10:30 am! Center is at 8300 west Franklin St Louis Park! 952-924-2544. Naturalist Greg Feinberg, Roy Zimmerman president Mn ornithologist union, and classmate and avid Birder Vic Lewis will lead the tour!

Call Vic 612-590-2627

08/22/13 06:29 PM #10    


Karen Rogers (Gleason)

Hey class of '63,

You DO NOT want to miss the kick-off Pep Fest!!  If you haven't registered yet it's not a problem.  Just show up and we will get you set up there.

When you get to the senior high the best place to park would be the lot right at the pool door.  You can enter at door 13 and walk down the hall to to the old gym where we ran around in our shorts!!  There will be some 'ole classmates there to greet you and give you your nametag.  You can enter other doors if you can find the gym!!  wink

We will have programs that will list the upcoming events, times and places at the pep fest.

Bring your Kleenex as you will be laughing so hard you will be crying or p........

FRIDAY, AUGUST 23RD   2 PM  at St. Louis Park Senior High.   50th REUNION PEP FEST 


08/24/13 05:00 AM #11    


Susan Adelsheim (Johnston)

Waiting at the airport  for my flight to Calif, daughter's wedding tonight, if I could only be in 2 places at once, I would be with all of you tonight also. What a wonderful 2 days it was. Thank you committe for all the hard work over the past year. So far it's perfection. I can't wait to see all the photos. Thanks to all my old friends for sharing their stories and memories.

Love to all, dance your feet off tonight!!


08/25/13 01:35 AM #12    


Andrea Gorel (Howlett)

Thanks to all of you who made this weekend so spectacular.  I had so much fun, and it was wonderful to see all of you.  I thought everyone looked really great.  Keep in touch.  I'd love to hear from you.   If you'd like to stay in touch, "friend me" on Facebook:

08/27/13 08:17 AM #13    


Joan Snowden (Diessner)

Thanks to everybody for all your hard work.  It was a wonderful reunion!  I so enjoyed connecting with everyone....including good friends from school that i haven't seen for years.  Love the photos......however, the Brookside group is missing from that day.  I know lots of photos were taken, so please everyone send them to Dave McElyea.  Looking forward to the next one regret is that there were many people I never got a chance to visit with....too little time!  Keep in touch everyone......I realized this past weekend how lucky we are to have such a great class!!


Joan Snowden Diessner

08/27/13 07:57 PM #14    


Harriet Malin (Johnson)

Thanks everyone for all your work.  It truly was great reconnecting with so many people.  Maybe we should get together in five years not ten.  No sense pushing our luck. ;-)


09/02/13 11:34 AM #15    


Margaret (Midge) Berset (Reiss)

Great Reunion!!!  Thanks to the committee and all others who made it happen!  I enjoyed every minute and reconnecting with everyone.   We really did have a neat class.  Again, Thanks to all of you!

07/22/15 04:52 PM #16    

Bruce Fisher

Just came from Roy Griak's memorial at Mt. Olivet Church. There was a list of some of Roy's impressions over a lifetime. Here are just a few: Golf courses should be used for cross country completion; don't miss the wonders around you; smile a lot; don't be afraid to lose; never forget your mother & deep appreciation for all my athletes from St. Louis Park; I'll never forget what they did for me.

I'll miss him. 

07/25/15 05:03 PM #17    

Sharyl Wilson (Renlund)

My son, Jeff Renlund was at Roy's funeral also.  He has made such a deep impact on Jeff over the years as well.  Jeff was honored to get to say goodbye to him a week before he passed.  Jeff's book; The History of Minnesota  Track and Field was dediicated to Roy.  He left an awesome legacy.   Sharyl Wilson Renlund



01/02/16 01:25 AM #18    


Diane Ward

Aloha from Paradise Hawaii...

I live on a peninsula 1 block from the clear, blue ocean at our private neighborhood boat launch.  I swim there at least 3 times a week and always reflect on my many exhausting swim drills with Sally Callahan and the famous Surf Belles.  I want to ask everyone that sees Sally or talks to her to tell her that she was and is still a giant motivator and mentor for me to keep strong & healthy and appreciate the power of water exercise while enjoying peace and oneness with nature.  What a gift from Sally.  Please give Sally a hug for me. 

~Diane Ward aka Dizanne aka Hot Lips!  lol  

01/02/16 10:56 AM #19    


Stephen Brawerman

Sounds good, Diane. It's getting kind of chilly here in VA, so I should be arriving there in about ten days.




06/03/16 06:53 AM #20    


Susan Adelsheim (Johnston)

Wanderlust has won out again. We are moving to England for the next few years. My husband Rick is taking a transfer to RAF Molesworth so we'll be about 60 miles north of London. We have found great renters for our house in Sierra Vista and will return someday. Hope to stay in contact with all of you, visitors are always welcome!

06/04/16 08:43 PM #21    

Lynn Bolnick

I'm very jealous.  London is my very favorite city -- actually, pretty much all of England.  Hope your stay is grand!

Lynn Bolnick


06/05/16 10:44 AM #22    

Bonnie McDonald

Enjoy and stay safe. Have friends that cross the pond a couple times every year. They say very friendly people and LOTS of pubs!

06/07/16 01:35 AM #23    


Diane Ward

England it is.  So wonderful to be!  Keep in touch...Europe is still on my bucket list!

Be safe.  It's the wild west out there!  !Diane

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