Who is attending th 60th

Who’s coming the 60th Reunion?

You should know…. This started out to be a list of people attending the Saturday evening buffet dinner.   It is NOT a list of everyone coming to the reunion weekend.  It’s mostly a list of people coming to the dinner with a few additions and subtractions that may have been missed along the way.  It will not be updated.  If your name is not on the list , please know you are most welcome to come to any or all of the reunion events listed on the Home Page. 



As of August 23, 2023, these people RSVP’d they are coming:

Phil Homme

Patrick Greffin

Sandy Pollock (Signorelli)

Ricki Mayes (Malerich)

Rocky Norell

Pete Gustafson

Dave and Judy McElyea

Richard and Jean Kutz

Ron Barr

Marshall Schwartz

Susan Fischer

Jay Hanson

Chuck Grover

Rick Zuckman

Lynn Bolnick

Barb Herwitz (Sussman)

Jackie Dubbe-Ohana

Greg and Hildy Shank

Jeff Freund

Jim Malisow

Michael London and Carol Tellett
Doug Neitzel
Karen Rogers (Gleason)
Gene Rasmussen

Susan Fuehrer (McDaniel) and Dale McDaniel

Richard Sweet

Chuck DeRemer

Al Frisch and Susan Schinske

Bruce and Patricia Ritchie

Al Ono 

Sue Adelsheim (Johnston)

John Cheleen

Beth Jenks (Van Poll)

Carol Waataja (Noel)

Len Jackson

Jeff Liebo

Louise Borgman (Hokenson)

Bruce Golob

Jane Sandstad (Lien)

Anna Anderson (Lundquist)

Patty Jesperson (Mundale)

Bob and Diane Kieffer

Vic Lewis

Sandy Kohan (Ready) Kirk Ready

Marilyn Vinokour

Phil Payne

Bruce Fisher

Rollie Carlson

Doug Savitt

Carol Kimball (Sigelman)

Harriet Malin (Johnson)

Steve & Norma Jacobson


Can we add your name??  Please RSVP by August 15, 2023.  Thanks!!